Getting Your Bedroom into Shape for Winter

November 16, 2020

Depending on your locale, sleeping comfortably throughout the winter months can be a difficult prospect. For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to heavy snowfall and icy-cold temps, staying warm and comfy during the overnight hours may prove to be an uphill battle. While there’s no denying cold weather’s impact on general sleep quality, there are numerous steps you can take to ensure that you continue to sleep peacefully regardless of how cold it gets. If you’re tired of allowing frigid winter weather to compromise the quality of your slumber, put the following tips to good use.


Purchase Seasonal Bedding

Using the same bedding year-round may save you a little money, but it stands to dramatically diminish your overnight comfort level. For instance, if you use sheets and comforters designed for wintertime during the summer months, you’re liable to wake up dehydrated in a pool of sweat. Conversely, using bedding designed for warm weather during the winter months practically guarantees that you’ll spend each night shivering. In other words, once the seasons change, your bedding should change, too.

When shopping around for the ideal wintertime bedding, look for materials designed to seal in heat. Flannel, fleece and cotton sateen are all good options for anyone looking to stay warm overnight. In addition to outfitting your bed with season-appropriate bedding, make a point of buying sleepwear designed for cooler environments.      

Treat Yourself to a Luxury Mattress

A comfortable mattress is crucial to a good night’s sleep. In the absence of a comfy mattress, you’re liable to have considerable trouble drifting off into slumber and staying asleep. Having the right mattress is particularly important during the winter months, when there are numerous other factors at play that stand to impact your overnight comfort. So, if your current mattress is too soft, too hard or simply too old, it may be time for a long-overdue upgrade.

When searching for the right mattress, you’d do well to explore higher-end options. While wanting to spend as little as possible is perfectly natural, cheaping out on your next mattress is unlikely to bode well for your overall sleep quality. That being the case, consider treating yourself to a luxury mattress. In addition to offering first-rate comfort, a good luxury mattress will provide you with years of reliable use. When looking to improve the quality of your slumber, investing in a comfortable mattress should be at the top of your to-do list.

Seal in Warm Air

Wintertime heating bills are liable to cost you a pretty penny. The colder the climate, the more you can expect to pay in heating costs. Unsurprisingly, heating costs are a massive source of economic anxiety for people who live in areas with harsh winters. While there’s no magic wand to make these costs go away, there are a number of measures homeowners can take to make their monthly heating bills more manageable.

Replacing your regular bedroom curtains with insulated curtains during the winter months can effectively seal in warm air while preventing cold air from finding its way inside. For maximum savings, consider swapping out all the curtains in your home with insulated ones throughout the winter. These curtains are affordable on virtually any budget and can be a boon to your heating budget.

Swapping out your regular windows for energy-efficient windows can also prove helpful in this endeavor. Energy-efficient windows feature multiple panes, enabling them to effectively seal in heat and keep cold air at bay. While it’s true that energy-efficient windows come with larger price tags than standard single-paned windows, they ultimately stand to save you a princely sum in heating and cooling costs.  


It’s no secret that icy-cold winter weather can facilitate a noticeable decrease in sleep quality. When the temps are rapidly dropping, staying nice and toasty throughout the night is liable to seem like an uphill battle. While getting a good night’s sleep in the dead of winter can present a bit of a challenge, it doesn’t have to constitute a lofty undertaking. Properly prepping your bedroom for the cold weather season is neither costly nor difficult and can set the stage for consistent overnight comfort throughout the winter months.

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