Five Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas To Upgrade Your Master Bedroom

February 25, 2020

Your bedroom is your safe haven, but oftentimes it can be difficult to find the right balance between cluttered and stark. One of the most overlooked parts when putting together bedroom décor is the walls. We’re used to adding finishing touches to the walls in other rooms, but oftentimes don’t think to add wall décor in our bedrooms.

We’ve put together a list of five ideas to get you inspired and updating your master bedroom wall décor in no time!

bedroom wall decor ideas
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Add Dimension And Texture With An Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to add more dimension and interest to your bedroom wall décor. It naturally guides the eye to a focal point in the room, and creates a cohesive feel to your overall design. You can opt to paint the accent wall in a bold color that matches the existing accents in your bedroom décor, or a wallpaper that incorporates an accent color for a more subtle look. In a similar vein, you can choose to paint your own decorative design to the wall instead of painting the entire wall one color. For an interesting pop of texture, consider covering the wall with textured wallpaper.

bedroom wall ideas
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Create A Personal Feel With A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an easy way to incorporate a bit of individuality into your master bedroom wall décor. Get together an arrangement of your favorite photos, art prints, and paintings that showcase your personality. Don’t confine yourself to the two-dimensional, however – you can incorporate any type of wall art you choose. Once you’re happy with your collection, arrange the pieces on the floor to get a rough layout for the position of each piece. Once you’re satisfied with the layout, snap a picture of it. To transfer the pieces to the wall accurately, measure the pieces and create a grid on the wall with the help of painter’s tape to help you get the pieces properly centered and aligned.

master bedroom wall décor
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Invite Natural Light Into Your Space

Natural light is a key component in making your décor efforts truly shine while imparting a clean, fresh feeling unto any bedroom. Showcase windows with drapes, or opt for sleek blinds for a more minimalist feel. For an extra boost of natural light, utilize mirrors to bounce light around the space. A few well-placed mirrors reflect light and add an element of depth and visual space. Choose a large statement mirror for dramatic effect, or an arrangement of smaller mirrors to add a bit more light and shimmer to bare walls.  

bedroom wall design
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Hang A Statement Piece Above Your Bed

Your bed is the natural focal point of your bedroom, and a bold piece of wall art is a great way to tie the room together. If you feel that the wall space above your bed is a bit bland and boring, the right wall piece is a quick and easy way to upgrade your bedroom wall décor. To make sure you select the correct piece for your space, know your color theme and select artwork that incorporates one or two accent colors. Alternatively, you can also choose a more minimalist piece that can act as a more understated accent by focusing on the neutral colors in your bedroom’s existing color palette. Another great way to ensure that a piece fit seamlessly into your décor is by choosing a frame that matches an accent color or metallic fixture in the room.

wall decor ideas for the bedroom
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Add Wall Molding For An Interesting Update To Bland Walls

Wall molding instantly ups your décor game. It can be either minimalist or dramatic, modern or classic. Wall molding is pretty easy to install, and only requires a fresh coat of paint to seamlessly incorporate into your décor. You can paint the molding the same color as your walls, or use an accent color for a more dramatic look. Molding can be used to frame existing décor elements by creating visual sections on your walls, or act as their own standalone décor element for a more understated look.

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