Small Apartment Decorating Ideas and Tips

15 Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Cramped spaces may feel claustrophobic; however, a bit of strategic styling and clever organization can make your tiny area feel pretty near palatial. (Okay, perhaps not palatial, however spacious enough to be your oasis at the end of a very long day). Simply follow these designers tips and make your small space look bigger.

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Faux Plants

1. Get Some Faux Plants

Plants are a simple way to add life to an area, however, a bedroom window that faces a dark and dreary brick wall isn't ideal. Buy the artificial succulents instead — we can swear they give the impression of being just like the real thing!
Practical Mirror

2. Buy a Practical Mirror

Mirrors will make your space feel brighter and that’s because they bounce the light around the space. However, placing one within the wrong spot may be almost as bad as not having one at all. place mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, indirectly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window will bounce the light right back out the window.
Sun Shine

3. Let the Sun Shine in

When it comes to heavy, old drapes, an unadorned bank of windows is much better than an unpleasant one. Ideally, window dressings ought to be practical and elegant: think about sheers with full-length panels. If your space gets plenty of sun, go for light colors that won't fade. The best suggested light-weight materials for panels are cotton, linen, and silk blends because they have a tendency to hold well.
Unnecessary Items

4. Get rid of Unnecessary Items on Your Floor

You need to have space for your essentials, it doesn’t matter if the room is perfectly designed, it wouldn’t work if the floor is packed and messy. The solution is simple, go for shelves, racks, wall lights instead of floor lamps, and stylish floating furniture. Keep your floor clear of obstacles!
Clever Style

5. Keep it Clever

Do you really eat at your dining table, or will your living room coffee table get all the use? you need to be practical regarding what your living habits are, so you'll be able to make the most efficient use of every space.
Cozy Home

6. Make Your Home Cozy

It’s super easy to redo your space and make it feel warmer and more relaxing – or in other words cozy and welcoming. Keep your seating close together and intimate, add throw blankets and pillows to your living room sofa, get a luxurious shag rug, add some candles and make sure to use warm colors.
Multiple use

7. Folding Furniture With Multiple use

We all want dedicated furniture for specific use, you may want a small working table and a dining table, but are you using them simultaneously? Think about getting furnishing that can fold up once not in use, or maybe fold up to another use (for example sleeper sofa).By using folding furniture, you can free a lot of floor space and make your small space look bigger.
Color Scheme

8. Distinct Color Scheme

If you simply have a few rooms in your flat to work with, give each one its own distinct personality and theme. Start with specific color schemes, thus once you move from one space to the other, every space feels distinct, from the walls to the interior decoration.
Coffee Table

9. Rethink Your Coffee Table

Use 2 small tables instead of 1 massive coffee table, think about all the space you’ll save. They're better for traffic flow and can be moved to wherever else you may want them.

10. Choose the Right Carpet Size

The most important parameter you need to consider while getting a carpet is the size of the carpet and the size of your space. Sometimes a small carpet can make the space feel smaller. Go for carpets that are large enough to fit most of your furniture, or wall-to-wall carpet. Choose light tones to make the space look a little bit bigger.
Multi purpose rooms

11. Design Multi-Purpose Rooms

When space is lacking, the sole possibility is to get creative and make things multi-purpose. As an example, if you don't have space for a separate living room, rec room, and home office, mix all concepts into one space. Choose the correct layout and pieces will look great, regardless of what form or size the space.
Furniture with Scale

12. Furnishing with Scale

You don’t have to buy small furniture to decorate small apartments. The secret is selecting some statement items that may draw attention. You'll be able to use regular-size furniture and large-scale art; you’ll simply use fewer items within the area overall.
Floating furniture

13. Create Visual Space With “Floating” Furniture

Not all furniture has to be pushed up against the wall. Try creating designated spaces with furniture, such as a more creative layout for your couches, to create distinct spaces and visually widen your space.
Cohesive Look

14. Try to Keep a Cohesive Look

There is a limited amount of stuff you can keep in a small space, whether it be functional elements or integral parts of the overall design. To avoid a cluttered look, make sure that your pieces match. Maintain a limited and cohesive color palette, regardless of which palette you choose, to ensure that your stuff does not turn into visual clutter.

15. Display Artwork Well

Bring your artwork up to trick the eye and expand or intensify the height of the space. A gallery wall might sound too busy for a little space; however, it will truly make it feel larger if it extends to the ceiling.

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