Five Smart Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

5 Trending Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

No matter the size of your closet, the feeling of not having enough space to store all of your stuff resonates with many of us. For those with a small bedroom, the task of reorganizing and arranging all of their stuff seems never-ending. To help you get started on managing the madness, we’ve put together a list of small bedroom storage ideas and tips to help you organize your bedroom correctly once and for all.

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1. Save Floorspace

When it comes to small bedrooms, floorspace is at a premium. You simply don’t have the luxury of adding another dresser to store all your overflowing stuff. If you’re working with a small bedroom, it’s extremely important not to overload the space, both visually and physically. Save floorspace and declutter your bedroom by employing floating shelves, instead of standalone bookshelves, to store your books and knickknacks. Instead of nightstands that take up space on your floor, add visual bulk, and add little benefit in terms of storage, opt for a floating drawer shelf. The same idea can be applied for a vanity – a floating drawer shelf, hanging mirror, and wall sconces will give a much sleeker feel and are ideal for small bedrooms where space is limited.
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2. Take Advantage Of Unused Space

Even the smallest bedroom has plenty of storage if you know where to look. Storage spaces can be found in small bedrooms in the most unexpected places – behind your bedroom door with the help of a set of hooks, on otherwise empty walls with the help of a customizable wall-mounted pegboard organizer, or in an unused corner with the help of some floating shelves. If you’re handy, you can DIY a hinged mirror that opens up and doubles as storage for your jewelry and other trinkets. For items that are used less frequently and seasonal items, take advantage of the empty space at the top of your closet by storing them in wicker baskets above your closet.
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3. Optimize Your Closet Space

Odds are your closet has a wealth of untapped storage potential. An easy way to get more storage space out of your small closet is to add extra hooks, rods, or small baskets on the inner part of the door. These can be used to store small but awkwardly shaped belongings, such as scarves, belts, and similar small items. You can easily double the hanging space in your closet by adding an additional clothes rod below your existing one, and optimize your use of the space by using s-hooks to hang multiple small garments (such as tank tops or bralettes) on each hanger. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the empty space at the bottom of your closet with storage baskets, a small set of drawers, and a few low shelves to store shoes, socks, and other small items.
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4. Get The Most Out Of Your Furniture

If you’re low on space, it’s particularly important to select furniture that offers storage space in addition to its main function. Choose a bed that includes storage compartments, nightstands with drawers, and storage benches that function as seating. Instead of a decorative headboard that takes up vertical space without adding any storage value, opt for a more functional arrangement of shelves to store your nighttime reading material, reading lamp, and other small items. If you still want to keep the sleek look of a classic headboard, opt for one with built-in hidden storage!
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5. Declutter And Rearrange

It seems like an obvious solution, but for many of us decluttering doesn’t come easy. Take the opportunity when reorganizing and rearranging to go through your things and consider if all the things you’re trying to store are still useful for your lifestyle. With the exception of sentimental items, consider donating items that no longer suit your needs and will not be useful for you in the future. Clothes that you no longer wear, sheets that you got as a gift years ago and never got around to using, and anything that takes up precious real estate need to be reconsidered. In addition to decluttering, take the opportunity to reconsider where you’re storing the things you choose to keep. If you’re keeping a few sentimental college hoodies, they don’t need to necessarily take up precious closet space. Instead, consider storing these items elsewhere outside of your bedroom to free up space in your closet.

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