Keep Your Bathroom Organized: Six Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas For Any Size Bathroom

6 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are arguably the most used room in the house, and with all that use inevitably comes clutter. To make things even more challenging, bathrooms are also often the smallest room in the house, which means that storage space is at a premium. So how can you get the most out of your bathroom’s storage potential? Check out these six bathroom storage ideas that will help you organize, declutter, and allow you to enjoy your bathroom to its fullest potential.

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1. Countertop Tray To Keep Things Tidy

No matter the bathroom, countertop clutter is a never-ending battle. It’s just the natural state of things, as countertops definitely see the most traffic during the day. The clutter seems to spring from nowhere, and no matter how many times you organize and rearrange never really seems to stay neat. Inevitably, however, a good portion of your most heavily used items will find their way on to the counter, no matter how much you want them to be tucked away out of sight. There is a solution to the clutter, however, and all you really need to tidy up once and for all is a simple decorative tray. Trays are a great way to corral all those loose bits and bobs that make their home on the counter, from hair ties to soap dispensers. They instantly neaten and free up counter space, and make wiping down the counter a breeze.
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2. Keep Towels Organized And Handy

Towels are used and replaced frequently, so why keep them hidden in the linen closet? Store your towels in style with a chic storage basket. Larger towels beneath the counter, hand towels in a small basket by the sink, washcloths on an accessible shelf – the possibilities are endless, and the convenience unmatched. Your towels will always be within reach when you need them. Keep towels organized, easily accessible, and aesthetically pleasing by arranging them in the basket rolled and stacked upright.
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3. Organize Your Drawer Space

Drawers don’t have to be where the mess goes to hide, and keeping your bathroom drawers neat doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. Just like your kitchen drawers have trays to prevent a huge messy pile of cutlery, your bathroom drawers deserve compartments to keep everything organized. You don’t need bespoke carpentry for neatly organized drawer compartments, however. There are a multitude of dividers and organizers you can buy to fit any size drawer, from adjustable spring-loaded dividers to stackable trays. Neat drawers will make easy for you to keep track of your things so that they are there when you need them to ensure that your morning routine goes smoothly every morning.
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4. Ladder Storage For Everything From Towels To Toilet Paper

Storage ladders are cropping up everywhere these days, and for good reason. They are an amazing storage solution for almost every room in the house, but especially so for bathroom spaces, where floorspace is often scarce. When choosing a ladder, opt for one with a combination of shelves and rods for the most versatile storage potential. With this one piece of furniture you can hang your towels, store extra toilet paper rolls, house a potted plant or two, and keep your scented candles, all without taking up more than a square foot and change of total floor space.
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5. Wall Mounted Baskets For The Best Of Both Worlds

The benefit of shelves with the storage capacity of baskets, wall mounted baskets such as these are a great way to securely store anything from a bottle of shampoo to a spare towel. Wall mounted baskets take full advantage of vertical storage potential, while allowing for much more storage than traditional wall-mounted shelves. They can securely hold your belongings in high-traffic areas where shelves could pose a hazard, such as next to the tub or beside the sink. They are versatile, and come in a multitude of designs to seamlessly integrate into almost any décor.
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6. Dynamic Organization With A Bar Cart

For bathrooms with limited cabinet storage and even more limited floor space, bar carts are the perfect solution. Both spacious and mobile, they can store your toiletries, spare towels, q-tip jars, makeup, and much much more. Their biggest benefit is their portability, which allows them to be moved around and serve as storage in any part of your bathroom. Wheel it over when you need it, and tuck it away in the corner when you don’t.

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