Master Bedroom Design Ideas And Styles

May 4, 2020

Your master bedroom is your safe haven. It’s where you get to just be after a long day at work, where you can just relax and get away from all the hustle and bustle. As such an important space, it is important that your master bedroom reflects your personality and style more than any other room in the house. We’ve put together a few design ideas for your master bedroom – from bedding to wall colors – to help you hone in on the right design style for your master bedroom.

Credit: Reclaimed Design Works

Wood Paneling For A Rustic Feel

Wood is naturally warm, rich, and inviting, and is a great way to make your master bedroom feel like your very own little cabin getaway. You can start small with a wood-paneled accent wall, or cover the entire perimeter of your master bedroom with wood paneling. Complement lighter and more muted wood with cooler wall colors, such as blue and grey, and richer and more deep wood with warmer wall colors, such as cream or beige.

Credit: Mary Hannah Interiors

Wicker And Bamboo For A Beachy Boho Vibe

Wicker and bamboo are warm, natural, and light materials. They give a sense of breezy airiness and instantly give your bedroom a beachy bohemian feel. Incorporate these materials in the form of furniture, mats, or even window furnishings. You can heighten the relaxing vibes through the use of interesting texture in textiles, such as macramé wall hangings, velvet throw pillows, or a plush sheepskin rug.

Credit: Kate Hansen

A Tropical Look For Your Own Private Getaway

Go full tropical and cover your master bedroom with a tropical theme wallpaper, or keep the lush greenery contained in an accent wall. If wallpaper seems like too much of a commitment, you can achieve a more understated version of the tropical look with the help of tropical themed prints. Supplement the greenery with bright accent colors, such as coral, pink, or even gold. Complete the look with tropical houseplants – the dramatic monstera, colorful calithea, or delicate orchid.

Credit: Carter Design Co

Mid Century Modern For Understated Sophistication

Keep your master bedroom both impeccably stylish and minimalist with a midcentury modern design. Midcentury modern design is sleek and functional without being sterile. It incorporates warm wood, muted earthy colors, and rich jewel tones into a seamless sophisticated style. Complete your midcentury modern bedroom with interesting textiles – a woven area rug in a geometric pattern or velvet pillows in rich jewel tones.

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