The Best DIY Wall Décor Ideas to Get You Inspired

12 Trending DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Whether you are moving into a new place or simply feel like it’s time to upgrade your interior design game, it’s always a good idea to start with wall décor. Blank white walls are drab and boring, and can give your home an unfinished feel.

If you’re looking for creative and stylish ways to decorate your walls, then look no further. We’ve gathered the leading wall décor trends to get you inspired and redecorating in no time. The following DIY wall décor ideas will help get you started on designing unique and interesting spaces in your home. Pick and choose the ideas that suit your style, combine them into your own distinctive aesthetic, and get started on your very own wall décor plan!

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Accent Wall

Credit: Mary Liz

1. Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a wall that’s designed to stand out from the rest of the walls in a room or space. This is done by utilizing different shades, colors or textures in a select spot. Creating an accent wall can help break up the monotonous pattern created by the adjacent walls, particularly when those walls are painted the same color. A great way to enhance your accent wall is by adding design elements such as wall art, interesting lighting elements, plants, or unique furniture.
Wall Gallery

Credit: mrszhuzhu

2. Create a Gallery

Wall galleries are very personal – they tell your story. As such, there aren’t really set rules when it comes to designing your wall gallery. You can mix paintings, prints and any other type of artwork that comes to mind. For a more eclectic feel opt for a varied assortment of frames, or stick with a consistent frame design for a more cohesive look. The only guideline here is to ensure that the center point of your arrangement is positioned at 57 inches from the floor – this height is eye level for the average adult, and even museums and galleries hang their displayed artwork at this height. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and design your own unique art wall gallery!
diy wall décor ideas

Credit: huizedop

3. Create a Brick Wall

Industrial interior design burst out onto the interior design scene a few years ago, and it looks like it’s here to stay. The most iconic element of this style is the brick wall. But fret not, nowadays you don’t have to start tearing down walls and rebuild them with bricks in order to have your very own brick wall. Many stores offer 3D wall panels that attach to your existing walls to give the same look and feel as the real thing.
Cozy LED Lights

Credit: Patricia

4. Hang Cozy LED Lights

This is probably the cheapest DIY wall décor  idea and will give your space an instant cozy boost. LED string lights can be used to frame and enhance other décor elements such as paintings or curtains, and instantly impart a warm and cozy atmosphere onto any space. LED lights, in varying tones of warmth and degrees of brightness, can be used in any and every room in your home. Use LED lights along shelves, use them to hang photos off of, drape them around artwork on your gallery wall – the possibilities are endless!
DIY Mirrors

Credit: Decor Steals

5. DIY Mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one can make a huge impact in any room. Mirrors give the illusion of a larger and more airy space by adding an element of depth and reflecting light around the room. You can DIY your own window mirror or, for a more minimalist look, opt for a round-framed decorative mirror. For maximum effect, position mirrors on walls that do not receive direct natural light.
Indoor Plants

Credit: Kiana

6. Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants instantly bring life to any space. You can hang them, display them on a shelf, or make an elegant arrangement of floor plants and plants on plant stands. If you have a large window with adequate sunlight you can even choose from several species of trees that do well indoors, such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Make sure your plants receive ample natural light, and start off with plants that are easy to care for, such as the Pothos plant. Indoor plants have been proven to reduce stress, and there is even evidence that they filter and purify the air in your home!
Ladder Shelf

Credit: Amanda

7. Ladder Shelf

The ladder shelf is the perfect combination of beautiful and functional. It offers an elegant alternative to wall-mounted shelves while taking up approximately the same amount of space. Ladder shelves are perfectly suited to narrow sections of wall that would otherwise remain bare, or places where storage is required but space is tight. If you’re handy they’re relatively simple to DIY. If DIY carpentry is above your paygrade, ladder shelves can usually be found for less than similarly-sized bookshelves with the same storage capacity.
Wall Decor Ideas

Credit: Seashell Studio Art

8. Paint Your Own Painting

This is probably the best wall décor idea if you want to impart a more personal touch on the design of your home. Think about your design style and try to imagine what kind of painting and color scheme would best invoke the feeling you are going for. Once you have an idea, get yourself a canvas and some painting supplies and start painting. You can hang smaller paintings as a part of your accent wall, or larger ones as a showpiece on their own.

Credit: Patricia

9. Macramé

If you are a home décor enthusiast you’ve certainly come across the macramé trend. Macramé is a centuries-old craft that has enjoyed quite a resurgence in recent years. It provides a relaxing and somewhat bohemian vibe, and adds a unique touch of texture to your walls. The great thing about macramé hangings is that they are incredibly simple (and cheap) to DIY with the help of any of the multitude of online tutorials available. Check out the following YouTube channel for a quick and easy macramé projects to get you started.
Geometric Paper Deer

Credit: Minju

10. DIY Geometric Animal Head Wall Mount

Want to add a special touch to your wall décor? Make your own geometric animal head and hang it on your wall! Check out the following Instructions that offers a free printable paper deer head template – just print and assemble per the instructions. For an added touch you can use colored paper, or spray paint your deer once it’s done.
Hive Shelves

Credit: Azam Home

11. DIY Hexagon Shelves

If you’re enjoying the clean geometric design that has burst onto the home décor scene in recent years, you’ll love these honeycomb shelves. They make a great addition to your bedroom, living room or even hallway. Each individual compartment frames and showcases its contents individually. When choosing your honeycomb shelves make sure to pay attention to your overall color scheme and the color scheme of their intended contents.

You can get pre-made hexagonal wall-mounted shelves and assemble them into your own unique honeycomb installation, or DIY them from scratch (pro tip: you can get lumber cut to your specifications upon request at most hardware stores). For a cozy effect add some string lights to frame the honeycomb pattern!
Wall Clock

Credit: Farah Home Decor

12. Add a Clock

A wall clock is not just a functional piece – it can be a beautiful decorative centerpiece all on its own. Simple battery-powered quartz clock movements can be had for cheap at any craft store, and the rest is up to you! You can use almost anything to design your own unique wall-mounted clock: metallic frames, wall stickers, wicker. Anything that fits with your décor is fair game!

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