How To Decorate A Large Wall – 13 Ways To Liven Up Blank Spaces

13 Large Wall Decorating Ideas

A lot of focus is given to decorating small apartments – from maximizing storage to small-scale décor ideas. It’s not talked about often, but big spaces certainly have the potential to leave you stumped when it comes to decorating too. There is something overwhelming about a big blank wall, and the prospect of decorating such a large space may seem daunting. Fortunately, large walls offer a unique opportunity to start with an entirely blank canvas that has the potential to set the tone and feel of the rest of the room. If you’re ready to give a bit more thought to those blank white walls and make them a piece of unique décor then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 13 ideas for how to decorate a large wall, whether it be in your living room, bedroom, or hallway. Take those big blank walls as the design opportunities that they are and get decorating!

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how to decorate a large wall

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1. Macramé Wall Hangings

A pop of interesting texture on a large blank wall, this woven macramé piece is the perfect blend of retro chic and bohemian vibes. With natural earthy tones and an abstract design, this woven piece shows that macramé wall hangings can be chic and modern. The best part? These beautiful hangings are super easy to DIY! There are countless online tutorials and DIY kits to choose from so that you can make your very own unique piece of wall décor.
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2. Decorative Plates

No longer reserved for grandma’s house, wall-mounted decorative plates can be perfectly stylish and modern. Depending on your selection of plates, the result can be anything from classic to contemporary, and the layout can be adjusted to complement the rest of your décor. Whether you choose to thrift an eclectic mix of interesting plates or display your family heirloom china, choose the safe option of spring-style hangers to secure your selection to the wall.

4. Big Statement Artwork

When you want less a more streamlined decorating process and a bold final look, a large statement print is the way to go. To avoid leaving too much empty space around the print, opt for a print or painting that covers at least half of the wall’s total height and hang it with its midpoint at 60 inches off the floor to achieve a polished and professional look.
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5. Photo Gallery

Nothing creates a more personal space than a wall covered in your own personal photos. Line your walls with memories and moments by printing out your favorite photos and arranging them into your own personal photo gallery. Hang them up using small binder clips, like in the picture, pin them directly to the wall, or even hang them from string lights for a wonderfully cozy vibe.

6. Picture Ledge

A minimalist take on display shelves, picture ledges are a great way to display artwork, photos, small decorative trinkets, candles, and even small plants. Since real estate on these ledges is at an absolute minimum, you won’t have to worry about accidentally cluttering the display. Use the same 60 inches off the floor rule when installing your picture ledge to make sure it’s correctly positioned at approximately eye level.

7. Wallpaper

Wallpaper gets a bad rap, probably because many of us have found ourselves having to go through the unpleasant task of removing it at one point or another, but wallpaper that is current and properly applied can create a unique and beautiful wall on its own. Choose your wallpaper based on your room’s existing décor so that your accent color is present in the wallpaper – the turquoise in the wallpaper here is picked up by the cushion on the midcentury telephone couch, creating a cohesive look that brings the room together.

8. Built-In Bookshelves

Bespoke cabinetry is a step up from our other décor ideas in terms of cost and time, but it also offers another added benefit – storage. When decorating a large wall from a purely aesthetic perspective, you’re forgoing the potential storage space in favor of décor. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you require more storage space, built-in bookshelves are the way to go. Floor to ceiling bookshelves such as these can house more than just books – they’re a great way to display small art prints, photo, potted plants, or any other of your favorite knickknacks!

9. Wall-Mounted Planters

For those of us who just can’t get enough indoor plants, wall mounted planters are a great way to take advantage of the blank space on a large living room wall, especially if you’re low on floorspace (probably because it’s all been taken up by floor plants). You can find wall mounter planters for almost any size plant, and can hang anything from dangling Pothos to Snake Plants. Keep in mind though that these planters often don’t have drainage holes to prevent from ruining you wall each time you water, so you’ll need to be careful not to overwater your new vertical garden.

10. Gallery Wall

For those of us who just can’t decide between pretty little wall-mounted planters and art prints, hanging baskets or hanging photos, there is the gallery wall. Very simply, you take the black space available on a large wall and make an arrangement of your favorite things that you want to display. There aren’t many rules here except for the 60 inches rule – the center of the display should be around 60 inches off the floor – just make sure you’re set on a layout before any nails are hammered into the wall. You can get as creative as you want with what you display, and create a personalized and perfectly curated piece of décor that fits your space perfectly!
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11. Accent Wall

Accent wall is somewhat of a catchall term to describe walls that are, in and of themselves, an element of design. Here we have a wall that has used a striking wallpaper and wainscoting to act a contrast to the large window and create a natural focal point in the room. You don’t have to install wainscoting or apply wallpaper, but understand that accent walls are by definition different from the surrounding walls in the inherent elements of their design. Accent walls can be covered in wallpaper, be a different color, or have a different texture, but they must be distinct from their surrounding walls in color and/or texture.
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12. Tapestries And Textiles

A great way to add color and texture to your large empty wall is by hanging a tapestry or other decorative textile. Its texture instantly adds a soft and cozy touch to a space and makes it warmer and more inviting. Similarly to how you would select wallpaper, choose your tapestry to pick up the accent color of the space. Here, the details in the tapestry complement the deep navy color of the door, creating a perfectly balanced and cohesive look.

13. Murals

For the truly adventurous and artsy DIYers out there, painting a mural on a large wall is a great way to make the most out of the space. Murals add a dramatic piece of wall-sized art, and can hold their own as standalone element of design. Not quite up to a DIY painted mural? There are many shops that specialize in murals that works like a wallpaper but form a continuous wall-sized piece of art – all you need to do is measure and install!

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