Ten Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas And Storage Solutions

10 Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The kitchen is arguably the busiest room in the house, and in recent years it has become somewhat of an extension of the living room. Families cook together, eat together, and spend time together in the kitchen now more than ever. When you have a small kitchen, however, making quality meals or preparing dinner for guests can get a bit challenging. Nevertheless, with a few smart organization tips and decorating ideas, even the tiniest kitchen can feel spacious and make preparing any meal breeze. Browse through our top ten small kitchen decorating ideas and take full advantage of your kitchen’s potential on practically any budget.

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1. Hang Your Cookware

In almost every kitchen, big or small, there is a wealth of untapped vertical storage potential. In many kitchens, especially those in small apartments, cabinets are all there is in terms of vertical storage. Unfortunately, especially in smaller kitchens, cabinets usually provide nowhere near enough space to store all of your cookware and tableware. So how can you take advantage of unused vertical space? The simplest way is to install a low bar below your cabinets and use hooks to hang your most frequently used cookware and cooking utensils on it. Because they are so frequently used, you won’t have to worry about them gathering dust, and you won’t have to waste time digging for them each time you want to whip up your favorite dish.

2. Use Wall-Mounted Racks

In a similar vein, wall-mounted racks keep your most-used dishes easily accessible while saving you precious kitchen cabinet space. These racks often double as drying racks, which can save you time drying off dishes after you’ve washed them. Make sure to mount the rack in a place that is out of your way when you are using your kitchen counter, so as to avoid bumping your head while cooking. From a design standpoint, opt for a rack that compliments or matches the hardware in your kitchen for a perfectly integrated piece of functional décor.

3. Add A Rolling Cart

One of the bigger challenges in small kitchens is the lack of counter space. When counter space is at a premium, preparing even the simplest dish becomes a logistical challenge. If you’re working on a budget or renting an apartment where you can’t redo your kitchen to add more counter space, a rolling cart is the perfect solution. It not only adds more counter space, it also makes the counter space that it adds dynamic. As an added bonus, most carts have built-in storage baskets, drawers, or shelves, which can be a great place to store anything from dry goods to spare rolls of paper towels.
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4. Store Dry Goods In Glass Mason Jars

If your small kitchen is low on pantry space, you’ve probably found yourself running out of room to store your favorite pantry staples. Moving boxes of macaroni and cans of tuna onto your counter or to open shelves is a less than aesthetic option, and luckily it’s not your only one. The solution? Get rid of the visual clutter of store packaging and store your dry goods in Mason jars! Anything from pasta, to spices, to rice can be stored in these jars, and they oftentimes do a better job at keeping your food fresh than the original packaging once it has been opened. The absolute best thing about Mason jars, however, is how budget-friendly and accessible they are. Mason jars are super cheap (or free, if you decide to repurpose), can be found almost anywhere, and are a breeze to clean – what’s not to love?

5. Choose A Light Color For Your Cabinets

Any interior designer worth their salt will tell you that dark colors make a room feel smaller, and this goes double when we’re talking about kitchen cabinets. To avoid making your small kitchen feel cramped and gloomy, choose a light color for your kitchen cabinets. Lighter colors naturally make a space feel bigger and more spacious, and are a simple way to make your small kitchen feel brighter and more airy. If your budget doesn’t allow for a complete remodel and new cabinets, consider painting your existing cabinets a lighter color to instantly refresh and upgrade your small kitchen.
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6. Select Matching Appliances

In small spaces in particular, cohesiveness is the key to successful design. In the kitchen however, were almost everything is about function first and form second, it can be challenging to coordinate everything perfectly. Luckily, you don’t have to – just stick to the highly visible things. Keep your on-display counter appliances, such as toasters or kettles, in the same color family (or a matching set, if possible). When choosing your appliances, make sure to select easy-to-replace colors, so when one of them inevitably needs to be replaced you won’t find yourself with an odd-colored appliance that doesn’t match the rest of your kitchen.

7. Hang A Pot Rack

In a small kitchen where cabinet space is at a premium, large items like pots and pans can be a hassle to store. Finding the right pot for your risotto becomes instantly more frustrating when it’s stacked under three other pots just so it can fit into your small kitchen’s tiny cabinets. A perfect solution to this never-ending battle for kitchen cabinet space is storing large cookware such as pots and pans on a hanging ceiling rack. Ceiling racks take advantage of otherwise unused space and make for a perfect storage solution. All of your pots and pans are always within reach, and your kitchen cabinets have gained extra storage space – it’s a win-win!
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8. Grow Your Own Herbs

That sinking realization that you’re out of thyme for your pot roast or basil for your pizza? We’ve all been there. But just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to pare down your ingredients or make do with dried herbs and spices over space-hogging fresh produce and herbs. Even in the tiniest kitchen, a few square inches of counter space dedicated to growing your favorite herbs are square inches well-used. In most kitchens you won’t even need to sacrifice counter space – you can simply grow these herbs right on your windowsill.
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9. Install Open Air Shelves

House your favorite cookware, spice jars, bottles of olive oil, or potted herbs on sleek open-air shelves. Keep these staples off the counter while still easily accessible and within reach by installing slim-profile shelving along your kitchen walls. Choose shelves in a color that matches your kitchen’s design and color scheme, make sure to select shelves that are appropriately weight rated, and ensure that the shelves are properly installed to safely house all of your assorted kitchen knickknacks.
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10. Flood Your Kitchen With Light

Poorly-lit rooms instantly feel gloomy and cramped, and your kitchen is no exception. Invite as much natural light in as possible into your kitchen by ensuring that your windows are unobstructed and clean. Ample natural light will brighten your kitchen and make it feel airier and more spacious all around. Don’t forget about artificial light, too, as nothing is more frustrating (and frankly dangerous) than trying to prepare a late-night snack in a poorly-lit kitchen.

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