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This spot could be yours! Become a contributor with CraftSide and publish your own business page on our website.

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Are you looking for new opportunities to publish your website? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Expand your outreach and opt-in to our website authority by publishing your own business page at CraftSide. Becoming a contributor with CraftSide is a great way to to reach fresh audience and potential leads. This page is an example of the type of contributor pages we offer.


  1. Publish your own unique business page on the CraftSide website.
  2. Link your social media accounts to your business page - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  3. Link your website homepage to your business page from CraftSide's website.
  4. Publish your own business description and marketing pitch (up to 400 words).
  5. Expand your outreach marketing campaign and opt-in to CraftSide's website authority.
  6. Rank better, and a reach fresh audience and potential leads.


  1. Your website has to be associated with our niche - home decor, interior design, furniture, home improvements, home makeover, styling, DIY crafts, tips and guides.
  2. We will inspect and approve every website submission. Your website must offer high quality services with high ratings and high standards.
  3. You will need to produce the following content:
    - Short business description - up to 150 characters.
    - Business description and/or marketing pitch - up to 400 words.
    *Please make sure that your content is written by a native English speaker. Check for grammar issues, divide it into paragraphs, and proofread it. We will not accept low quality content or revisions requests.
  4. Graphics - If you like, you can choose a cover photo for your business page (basic requirements - 1920×1280 px, licensed as free for commercial use), or we can choose one for you. Please submit your website logo image with transparent background (PNG format) in the following size 453x453 px.
Square Profile Logo 453x453 px


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. Please note that we will have to approve your website before agreeing to partner up with you. Please fill the form below; if your website meets our standards we will get back to you with an offer.

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