Unique Wall Decor Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Interior Design

May 18, 2019

9 Unique and Simple Wall Decor Ideas

It's time to spice up your room with a new and stylish theme, and your walls are a great place to start. Wall décor can be practically anything: you can hang artwork on your wall, paint it, add wallpaper, hang shelves and so on. Here are a few tips to help you turn a blank wall into something artsy:


1. Tapestry

This trend has made a huge comeback. Hang a tapestry over a section of blank wall. You can buy one or create one by using some of your old blankets or clothes to create your own unique tapestry. Get a few nails and hang it up. You can also install a curtain rod on which to hang the tapestry.


2. Posters

Hang posters! Posters are a fun way to personalize your interior design. You can hang any kind of poster on the walls such as movie or concert posters, one of your favorite celebrity, or just about anything you like.

Wall art

3. Wall Art

Get some artwork and hang it on your wall. To add a personal touch, create your own wall art. Get a large canvas, fabric or a large piece of paper. Get some acrylic paints and let your imagination fly. Make sure to allow the paint to dry before hanging it on your wall.

*Extra DIY tip to get you started - put your handprints (and your family or friends, too) in different colors on the canvass. Express your thoughts and feelings through the colors and you’ll get a unique, personalized piece of wall art.


4. Paintings

You can buy some paintings and hang them on your wall. They don't have to be from some expensive gallery. - you can buy paintings from street artists, flea markets, or online. There are many talented artists who choose to sell their paintings on the side walk or online for much cheaper than they would charge in galleries.

Old map

5. Maps

You can also buy a world map, frame it and hang it on the wall. Then you can mark the places you visited with stickers or pins. Vintage maps are also very trendy. Adding a simple frame is a great way to enhance the overall look.

Canvas prints

6. Canvas Prints

If pantings and vintage maps are on the expensive side, canvas prints are a great way to go! Save money and buy the same type of artwork you always wanted, but, instead of painting - it's a print. Get yourself some canvas prints and hang them as wall art. They are much cheaper than paintings, and give you the option of choosing any design you wish.

Memo board

7. Memo Board

It's time to clean up the mess on your table, or wherever you throw your papers and mail. Reorganize and get yourself a memo board, or perhaps create a memo board with some pushpins, cork board and some tape. Memo boards are functional and stylish, if you don't have one - get one!

Wall decals

8. Wall Decals

Wall decals have become very popular in the last couple of years. You can get them online and find the best wall decals that suits your taste and paste them along the walls. You can also print your own designs on sticker paper and stick them on the walls in a nice pattern.

Shelf Rack

9. Shelves

Are you lacking in storage space? Hang shelves on the wall or get a shelf rack and place it against the wall. You can arrange books, decor items and various plants to add more life to your space.

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