Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeovers and Unique Decor Ideas

July 21, 2019

Cheap and Unique Bathroom Decor Ideas

Whether you're working with a small powder room or a spacious master bath, you don't have to spend a lot of time (or money) to make over your bathroom. There are many small things you can do that will make a positive impact in the appearance of the room. To prove that you don't have to spend a lot of money to refresh and make over a bathroom, we've included several ideas that cost less than $25!

Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

New cabinet hardware

Replace the hardware on your bathroom cabinetry and completely refresh the look of your bathroom vanity. Because most bathrooms only have between 6 - 10 cabinet knobs and/or drawer pulls, you can expect to spend $20 or less for this inexpensive home decorating project. To complete the new look, replace cabinet door hinges to match the same new finish on the hardware. This will cost a additional $10 or so, but it's a simple way to pull the entire look of the room together.

Bathroom Fauncet

New faucet

Make over your bathroom with a new faucet! Remember to stick with the same finish as your hardware for a smooth, polished look. In other words, if your cabinet hardware is a brushed nickel, your new faucet should be of the same. Replacing your bathroom faucet is simple, providing you select a fixture with the same amount of faucet holes as your old unit.

Bathroom Paint

Fresh coat of paint

Nothing changes the look and feel of a room faster than a fresh coat of paint. And when you consider that a gallon of paint costs less than $20, it's an extremely affordable way to make over your bathroom too. Paint provides a major change to the look of the room, but requires minimal disruption or labor. Select soothing paint colors that will transform your bath into a spa-like getaway. Our personal favorites include Feather Grey, Spring Violet, Heaven on Earth, and Sweet Honey Dew Melon by Benjamin Moore. These colors are all cool, refreshing and promote a tranquil atmosphere.

Bathroom Mirror

New mirror

Remove that small dated medicine cabinet and replace it with an over-sized wall mirror. Choose a beautiful framed mirror, a mirror with a beveled edge, or a decorative antique mirror to reflect the beauty of your new space. The mirror should be close to the same width as your bathroom vanity for best results, as this will give the appearance of a larger bathroom space. The amount you spend to decorate your bathroom with a new mirror will range between $50- $100, but when you consider the amount of money you've saved on all your other home decorating shortcuts, you'll be able to afford a small splurge!

Bathroom Storage

Storage options

There are many ways to decorate your bathroom and help open up storage space too. After all, one of the simplest ways to refresh the look of any room is to learn how to control the clutter that seems to surround us at all times. Wickers baskets look beautiful tucked in a corner, beside the tub, or slid beneath the bathroom vanity, and they serve a functional storage purpose too. Be creative with the storage options you place in the room. In some cases, these home decorating shortcuts may cost absolutely nothing since you may already have the supplies in your home.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories

The finishing touch to your new bathroom makeover should be an assortment of new accessories. This can include new bathroom towels, rugs, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, shower curtain, wall art, blinds or curtains, and so on. One very important rule to keep in mind when you decorate a bathroom is this: Keep it simple. Don't overload the room with "stuff," as this will only make the room appear smaller. And do not, I repeat DO NOT, use the same pattern on everything you place in the room. Sure, that new seashell shower curtain is gorgeous, but you'll ruin the way it looks by using the matching seashell rugs, towels, window treatments and wall border. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing when you decorate a bathroom.

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