Top 5 Super Sleek Design Ideas for a Modern Kitchen

February 1, 2022

A modern kitchen is all about clean lines, high-tech appliances, and a relaxed ambiance. Modern kitchens keep the walls open to exhibit countertops and cabinets. For an ultra-modern look, you can go in for stainless steel or glass worktop surfaces - sleek, contemporary, and convenient!

The streamlined kitchen design offers ample storage space with built-in designs that make it easy to organize spices and utensils while keeping your counters free from clutter. If you are designing a new kitchen or simply remodeling an existing one, be sure to use remodeling estimating software to price out the costs of your new kitchen. Follow the steps below to pick out the five most important concepts to implement in your modern kitchen design:

modern kitchen

Areas of Focus When Planning A Modern Kitchen

1. Choose the right countertop and cabinet materials:

The kitchen countertops are an essential design feature chosen carefully for a modern kitchen. Your choice of material will have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your room, so choose wisely! When picking a countertop for your modern kitchen, consider these aspects:

Select a sink that complements the countertop and appliances.
Select sleek, attractive handles for cabinets and drawers: For modern kitchens, choose cabinet and drawer pulls with a streamlined design. Sleek, low- or mid-rise pulls will add to the contemporary design of your kitchen without cluttering the space visually.

If you are planning on using appliances such as an oven or cooktop with gas burners, ensure that you install in-wall gas lines so they can be hidden behind cabinet doors for a seamless finish.

Choose a large, central island. The island will occupy the largest part of your kitchen. An ideal configuration would have three sections - one section containing an oven/cooktop, another with a sink, and the third used for food preparation.

The island should be large enough to accommodate stools or chairs around it. A gas range is ideal as it can be hidden behind cabinet doors while keeping the worktop areas clean and free from clutter.

2. Create open spaces with less clutter:

Modern kitchens showcase minimalism in design to keep it spacious while adding storage space under cabinets or within cupboards. Consider creating open shelving units that can double up as display cases too! For example, you can highlight features like wine bottles or decorative vases and candles to add visual appeal to your contemporary kitchen while also offering additional storage space for essentials.

Pick an efficient layout and plan for utilities. When designing feature elements like island worktables, wall cupboards, or integrated appliances, ensure sufficient space left free to store necessary utensils, cooking equipment, spices, and cleaning supplies.

3. Color-block your kitchen:

If you are looking to add some color accents to your modern kitchen, try playing with color blocks – by choosing colors that complement each other well and painting the same on the wall and cabinets! This is an easy yet effective way of adding style to a plain white or cream-colored room without deviating from your basic design concept.

4. Go for sleek appliances:

Modern kitchens use state-of-the-art appliances for optimum efficiency and usability. You can choose elegant designs in stainless steel or black, depending on whether you want a more classic look or something contemporary. The sleek appliances add style and give your kitchen a distinct identity while helping it stand out as being trendy yet timeless.

modern kitchen design

5. Use color and good lighting to liven up your kitchen:

Colorful accents can help liven up any room, and the kitchen is no exception! Few things brighten a kitchen more than fresh flowers placed in vases or colorful fruit baskets on the countertop or cabinets. Other easy ways of infusing some color into your modern kitchen include painting a few accent walls - usually in bold shades – or installing brightly colored fixtures for that pop of cheerfulness!

Modern kitchens feature recessed lights or track lights that are suspended from the ceiling. Fluorescent lights with aluminum shades offer a sleek look in contemporary settings. If you are planning to use overhead lighting for illumination, ensure that it comes with dimmer switches. This will allow you to change the style of your kitchen easily by controlling the brightness yourself instead of depending on preset light levels available via automated circuits!

These five ideas should be considered when planning your modern kitchen to make it stylish yet practical at the same time. It is easy to achieve clean lines and streamlined storage options with a bit of forethought. So keep them in mind as you plan out different aspects of your dream room!

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