Easy DIY Garden Projects That You Can Make at Your Home

June 15, 2019

Simple and Easy Garden and Outdoors DIY Projects and Crafts

This post is full of DIY projects that are meant for the outdoors. From ideas for your garden to solutions on how to create your own hanging planters, we hope that these projects gets you to enjoy the outdoors more than ever.

Garden Plant Markers

Garden Plant Markers

While gardening is an extremely fun hobby, it can be easy to lose track of your plants. Some plants look very similar. Is that basil or mint? And is this one over here a cucumber or a zucchini plant? And what if you are growing different varieties of the same plants and herbs?

That gets even more confusing. Avoid yourself all of the confusion and guesswork by making your own garden plant markers early on. That way you won’t get your plants and herbs all mixed up.

Materials: Several rocks that are large and smooth enough to write on (they should also not be too dark) and a black marker.

Instructions: Write down the names of each plant onto each rock in big letters. That’s all you need to do! Now you can put these markers out in your garden.

Garden Key Safe
Source: ThriftyFun

Key Safe

Most of the time we leave our homes for the day and remember to bring the essentials with us, our keys included. But sometimes we forget and then we get that sense of dread and that sinking feeling in our chest that we have accidentally locked ourselves out of our own home.

Have you ever left your home in a rush, only to realize later that day that you completely forgot your keys at home? In these cases it is always great to have a spare key hidden away somewhere safe.

Sure you can leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor, family member, or friend, but what if that person isn’t around when you need to get inside your home? Make your own key safe that will hide well in plain sight.

With such an inconspicuous key safe lying around, you will never have to worry about forgetting your keys again. When selecting a rock, be sure to choose a rock that a squirrel could not easily lift.

Materials: A rock that can completely cover the top of a pill bottle, empty pill bottle, hot glue gun and glue, a spare key.

Instructions: Remove the top of the pill bottle. Glue the top of the pill bottle top to the bottom of your rock. Let the glue cool and harden. Slip your spare key into the bottle and close it off with the top that is now attached to the rock.

Find a patch of soil in your front yard or backyard. Loosen up the dirt a little and stick your key safe into the dirt. Your key safe should look like just any ordinary rock that blends in with the rest of the scenery. Just remember exactly where you put it in case the key safe is camouflaged too well!

DIY Watering Can
Source: One Creative Mommy

Watering Can

Do you have lots of plants that need watering? If you are guilty of not having a watering can for your plants, don’t worry. You can save your money and make your own watering easy can at home within minutes. Skip the trip to the gardening store and make a watering can out of a gallon-sized plastic water container. These already come in with a built-in handle.

All you need to do is make the holes! As a note, watering cans with little holes are a lot better for plants than the watering cans that just spill out a flood of water onto your plants and the soil surrounding it.

Materials: Empty water gallon container, cap included and a drill.

Instructions: Drill a few holes into the cap of the container. That’s it, you’re done! Now go fill up that thing with water and go make your plants happy!

DIY Hanging Planter
Source: Momtastic

Hanging Planter

Here is another DIY project that would look great hanging on your front porch. Investing in containers for your plants can end up being expensive.

Recycle any plastic bottles you have lying around by turning them into hanging containers for your plants. You can hang these planters on your porch or indoors. In addition to recycling, you will also be saving space on your porch by hanging up these planters.

Materials: Empty water bottle and cap with label removed, yarn, scissors and a wooden skewer.

Instructions: Use the skewer to poke a few holes through the bottom of the bottle. This will be necessary for the water to drain through the planter properly. Cut completely straight across the bottle but do not cut so close to the bottom of the bottle.

Try to cut approximately halfway so that you leave enough room for the soil and the plant’s roots. Now you will have something that resembles a cup. Cut four holes or slits towards the opening of the container that are evenly spaced apart.

Cut 4 pieces of the same length of yarn, at least 1 foot-long. Thread a strand of yarn through each hole and tie off with a knot. Repeat for the remaining holes with the other pieces of yarn. Then gather all of the yarn and tie a knot at the other end so that you can easily hang the planter.

All that is left to do is put in some soil, put in a plant, and hang the planter! If you want to decorate your planter, you can paint it. Some people prefer to keep their planters see-through.

DIY Bird Feeder
Source: Allfreekidscrafts

Bird Feeder

Have you ever dreamed of having a picturesque garden where birds of all colors gather and congregate, fluttering their wings and chirping as they enjoy the beauty of your property? If you want to attract a variety of beautiful birds, but don’t have the budget for a pricey bird feeder, you can make a simple bird feeder at home using materials that you probably already have sitting right at home.

Materials: Toilet paper tube, peanut butter, knife and birdseed or cereal, plate, string - should measure at least 1 foot-long.

Instructions: Pour the birdseed or cereal onto the plate. Spread enough peanut butter onto the outside of the toilet paper tube so that it is evenly coated in peanut butter.

Roll the toilet paper tube onto the birdseed or cereal so that it is completely covered in the food. Take the string and put it through the opening of the tube. Tie a knot and hang the bird feeder on a branch so that the tube hangs horizontally. This will make it easier for the birds to perch on it.

Make sure you do not place the bird feeder too low to the ground or else cats might be able to reach it. You also want to be too careful of putting the bird feeder on a branch that a squirrel could easily get to as well.

DIY Windsock
Source: Lia Griffith


Porch and yard decorations are always fun to make. Do you have a porch that is just begging to be decorated with some sort of colorful ornament? A windsock might be the perfect solution to giving your porch some personality.

Our simple windsock tutorial will have you making and finishing the project within minutes. Wow your neighbors and passersby with a wonderful windsock that dances whenever the wind passes by. It is beautiful and so easy to make!

Materials: Can, drill or screwdriver and hammer, hot glue gun and hot glue stick, crafting paper, craft glue, scissors and a ribbon.

Instructions: Measure out enough paper so that it can completely wrap around and cover the can. Cut out the paper you need. Glue and wrap around the paper to the outside of the can. Make sure that it is covered entirely. Let dry. Cut out several strands of ribbon, ideally at least 4 strands that measure over a foot long, though ultimately the length is up to you.

Using the glue gun, glue one end of each strand of ribbon to the inside of the can on the can’s open side.

There should be ribbons evenly distributed around the opening of the can. Drill two holes on the closed side of the can. The holes should be towards the center of the can. Thread one side of thread through a hole and thread the other end of the thread through the other hole. Tie a knot inside the can so that you can use the thread on top of the can to hang the windsock.

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