The Best Color To Paint Kitchen Cabinets – Our Top Five Picks For Interesting Kitchen Cabinet Colors

August 1, 2020

Feeling like it’s time to remodel but don’t want to tear down your kitchen cabinets? Looking for the best color to paint kitchen cabinets? Giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint and new hardware is a great way to refresh and update your kitchen if you’re not quite ready to replace your existing kitchen cabinets.  

The best color to paint your kitchen cabinets is very personal, of course, but we’ve put together a few examples of popular kitchen cabinet colors to help you out and give you some inspiration. Take a look at five of our favorite kitchens that showcase their cabinets and redefine what kitchen cabinets can be.

Deep Navy

This rich, deep, yet cool color creates a cozy and luxurious atmosphere in this gorgeous New York kitchen. The matte finish reflects light softly, and is complemented by polished warm brass-toned hardware. The richness of the color is balanced out with granite countertops in soft shades of grey combined with the intricately-tiled and similarly-toned geometric backsplash. Together, these ensure that the kitchen feels up to date while retaining an authentic classic charm.

Kitchen cabinets colors

Warm Grey

This warm grey kitchen proves that grey doesn’t have to mean drab. The warm grey cabinets are complimented by rich-toned wooden chairs and antiqued copper hardware, resulting in a kitchen that is serene and inviting. The warm tones are offset by a bright white countertop on the kitchen island, and a striking white-tiled backsplash. The result is a minimalist kitchen in simple, earthy tones, that strikes the perfect balance between sleek and inviting.

Forest Green

A color that is instantly evocative of nature and relaxation, this lush green is a unique and bold color that’s hard to miss. It’s balanced out with striking white quartz countertops, matte black hardware, and a white paneled backsplash that gives the kitchen somewhat of a “cabin getaway” feel. The deep green tones are offset by open-air natural wood floating shelves and a warm salmon rug that spans the length of the kitchen floor.

kitchen cabinet color ideas

Muted Turquoise

In stark contrast to the pristine white walls and glossy white quartz countertops, this beautiful tone of muted turquoise is as calming as it is elegant. Tied together by polished brass from top to bottom, including exposed hinges and matching faucets, this kitchen has plenty of glitter and shine. Brushed stainless steel appliances are sleek and understated, completing a kitchen that ties together modern and traditional effortlessly with one simple color.


Proof that black doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy, this gorgeous kitchen strikes the perfect balance between light and dark. The black kitchen cabinets are supplemented by a striking black faucet and a black-paned window, and complemented by an intricate white-tiled backsplash. The kitchen is brought together by warm touches of brushed brass from the sleek hardware, which balance out the cabinets’ more traditional shaker-style cabinets with a modern twist.

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