Key Benefits of Hiring Painters Brisbane Services

October 11, 2020

Is it high time to refresh the look of your home exterior and interior? A fresh coat of paint is exactly what the walls need to get rid of their faded, deteriorated look.

Nevertheless, not all homeowners are cut out to handle a painting project on their own. This process requires much more than going to the local paint store to purchase the necessary supplies. It requires time, patience, expertise, and the ability to perform a myriad of painting techniques. There are numerous house painters, like Emil's Painting, specializing in both interior and exterior painting of homes.

These are the key benefits of hiring such professionals in Brisbane.

Adequate preparation

Unlike most homeowners, professional painters are known for being particularly thorough in the preparation process. Prior to commencing the project, they take the necessary measures to protect one’s home against potential paint splatters and other damages done in the working process.

For instance, when painting the exterior of a house, these professionals ensure all plants are covered properly, and all window screens are removed. In the case of interior painting, they use special plastic sheets to cover the furniture and drop cloth to protect the flooring. Masking tape is used to secure these protective covers to the floor.

In terms of surface preparation, painters go through a painstaking procedure before applying the first coat of fresh paint. They wash the exterior of houses with pressure washers in order to remove any dirt or mildew on the surface. Afterward, they scrape the paint to remove the existing layers and continue with sanding, which is crucial for getting a smooth surface. The process of sanding is followed by filling dents and repairing rot. Ultimately, these professionals use a primer to make sure the coats of paint stick better to the surface.

The same goes for interior painting projects; only walls get washed if being particularly dirty. Regarding the primer, painters use a water-based primer on drywalls, whereas the oil-based primer is considered better for walls that have sustained severe water damage. Click here for some handy tips about prepping walls before painting.

Spot structural problems

Another important advantage of hiring professional painters is getting an insight into the structural problems of your home. These professionals have a trained eye for spotting decay, which has to be fixed prior to commencing the project.

Moreover, painters point out any mold growth problems caused by water vapor over the years. They’ll recommend the right professionals to repair all signs of structural damage before they start working on your project. Otherwise, the outcome of the painting job might not meet your expectations.

Professional colour advice

Painters are known to be experts when it comes to colour selection, given their insight into the world of residential colourants. They provide homeowners with helpful suggestions when hesitating which paint to choose for their interior or exterior painting projects. You’ll be familiarized with the latest trends in the paint and coatings industry so as to choose paint that’s both modern and refreshing.

Furthermore, painters are the right professionals to consult when choosing a paint of solid quality. For instance, they’ll advise you to purchase a colorant that withstands various weather conditions and UV rays when painting your home exterior.

Additionally, they’ll assist you in calculating the adequate amount of paint for the project, making sure you purchase neither insufficient nor excessive quantity. For further guidance on determining the correct amount of colourant, make sure you use the paint calculator on this link.

Ensured safety

Another significant advantage of hiring professional painters is ensuring no accidents happen in the course of the working project. When working on exterior painting projects, these professionals use adequate ladders to reach the second or third floor of houses. Some of them are even equipped with special cranes for an even safer painting process.

In addition, most of the licensed painters are armed with the necessary insurance for the job, covering any physical injury or property damage done while the project lasts. Consequently, you’ll be exempted from covering potential repair expenses or medical bills.

No delays

When handling painting projects on their own, homeowners rarely meet the deadlines they’ve set when starting the job. Most residents cannot devote themselves entirely to the completion of these projects due to their hectic work schedules and lack of spare time. As a result, the work process might be prolonged for months, not weeks, as they initially thought.

In contrast, professional painters strive to meet the arranged deadlines, minimizing the chances of potential delays. It’s your job to determine the start and completion date, while the role of these contractors is to meet your requirements.

Keep in mind that sometimes such projects might be delayed because of some property repairs that need to be taken care of. In these cases, painting contractors aren’t to be blamed for the delays, as they have to wait for the repairs to be made in order to continue working.

Home clean-up

Even when the painters have applied the last coat of paint, their job is still not completed. They make sure your home is back to its previous condition by putting everything back to where it was. The plants and furniture will be uncovered, the tarps will be removed from the flooring, the window screens will be fitted once again, and every object will be moved to its previous location.

In the meantime, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to cleaning or moving furniture around the house. Instead of wasting your physical energy on preparing your home for painting and cleaning up after the job is done, you can trust these tasks in the hands of professionals. Also, you won’t have to cope with the tremendous amount of stress caused by sacrificing your free time to finish the job as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

Professional painters will ensure your home gets the makeover it deserves.

Hire the best experts in your area!

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