Simple and Stylish Home Shelf Decor Ideas

May 15, 2019

Get Inspired - Stylish Home Shelf Decor Ideas

Shelves have functional and aesthetic facets. Their functional purpose is all about holding and organizing diverse things. For example, they can hold books, photos, and lamps, among other items in your home. There is also an aesthetic side to shelves. Hanging them can break the monotony of a large blank wall, they can brighten up a dark corner, they can add to the rustic look of a kitchen, and can hold decorations in various rooms in the house.

Here are a several ideas on how you can use shelves to decorate your home:

Shelves in the middle of a wall

Wall Shelves

Place hanging shelves in the middle of a wide wall, make it into a staggered pattern to evoke dynamic movement. You can place jars and shallow bowls on the shelf, or small cacti and other indoor plants to add more life into the space.

Kitchen shelves

Kitchen Corner Shelves

Place 3 or 4-tiered shelves in the kitchen or in the dining room corner, this will make the corners much more attractive. They add style and a comfortable atmosphere to the room. You can place a few wine glasses and a unique-looking bowl to enhance to the theme.

Bathroom shelves

Bathroom Shelves

Use open, hanging shelves in the bathroom and arrange the bathroom essentials on the shelves. Not only will the bathroom look organized, it will also have a good decorative piece instead of the regular stark white boring plastic medicine cabinet.

Books on shelf

Corner Shelving Rack

Place a vertical shelving unit In the corner of the bedroom or living room. Line it neatly with books, candles and other decorative items. It will make the living room or bedroom corner look more inviting.

Spices on shelf

Spice Shelf

Add a spice shelf to your kitchen! Hang a narrow shelf where you can put your spices. You can place the spice shelf in the corner of your kitchen. You can also paint the wall behind the shelf in dark tones to make the spices "pop out" from the shelf.

Display collectables on shelves

Collection Shelf

You can dedicate a section of a wall for your hobbies. Hang 1- to 3-tier shelves where you can place your collections. You can arrange seashells, rocks and other natural items along the shelf to add natural vibes to your space.

Laundry room shelf

Laundry Room Shelf

Adding a shelf to your laundry room can make it more interesting and less of a utility room while organizing your laundry room essentials. Hang shelves above the washing machine, then place baskets on them, which you can use later to place laundry inside. Things will look organized, and at the same time, decorative.

Drawer shelf

Corner Shelves with Drawers

Add corner shelves with drawers to your space, corner shelves can be made even more functional by placing a shallow drawer frame or a regular drawer at the bottom of the shelf. The shallow drawer is perfect for holding papers. You can also use an empty drawer as a shelf by hanging it on the wall.

Hallway shelf

Hallway Shelves

Hallways are usually left plain, but there are a few ways to make them more interesting. At the end of a hallway, hang small shelves where you can arrange small potted plants to add more life to the space, or place a few trinkets like small jars and seashells.

Kitchen shelf

Kitchen Shelves

Hang shelves in your kitchen for added functionality. Kitchen shelves are a great place to store your kitchen utilities, dishes, glasses and pots. You can arrange your dishes by color along the shelves for a more interesting look.

Wallpaper shelf

Wallpaper Shelves

Wallpaper is a fun way to add a personal touch to your bookcase shelves. You can place the wallpaper against the back of the shelves to get a more interesting design than stark white or flat color.

Office shelf

Working Table Shelf

Place a wall-mounted shelf above your work table. You can paint the edges with bold colors to make it look more interesting, or, you can paint the entire shelf with a color of your choice.

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