DIY Wall Painting Ideas To Liven Up Any Room In The House

June 23, 2020

Blank walls don’t have to be boring! You don’t need to spend months putting together a carefully curated gallery wall, or spend a fortune on cute wall-hanging planters only to discover that plants don’t get enough sunlight that wall anyway. If you’d like to liven up your walls without drilling holes and hanging decorative shelves, your best bet is an interesting paint job. There are DIY wall painting ideas for any level of skill and budget that are suitable for any room in the house. If you’ve got a room that feels a bit meh, or one awkward wall you just don’t know what to do with, we’ve got you covered with five DIY wall painting ideas.

wall painting ideas

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a great, easy, and cheap way to add a bit of fun to any room. Chalkboard paint lets you turn any wall into a customs chalkboard, and lets you have a functional piece of décor for jotting down a recipe, drawing a temporary design, or even spare the rest of your walls when playtime takes a turn for the artsy. You can get creative with the shape of your new custom chalkboard – make it round instead of rectangular, give it an interesting border, or divide it into sections using picture frames so that each of your little ones has their own personal board. Wherever you choose to add your very own unique chalkboard, you’re sure to find it equally beautiful and practical.  

Metallic Accent

For a more decorative and luxurious touch, give your walls a dash of glamor with metallic accents. You can use wall stencils for repeating designs, or DIY your own stencils with painter’s tape. You can even freehand and then paint in your own unique design! Metallic accents have the added benefit of reflecting light, which instantly add both a point of interest and a light and airy feeling to any room. Metallic paint is a great way to make a repetitive geometric design really pop, or be a great medium for an asymmetrical abstract design. However you choose to use it, metallic paint is sure to make your design pop.

DIY wall painting ideas

Faux Brick

Love those edgy industrial vibes but don’t have a real brick wall to expose? No problem, faux brick panels got (your walls) covered. Faux brick panels are super user friendly, and just about anyone can get near expert results. And the best part? They look just like the real thing! A faux brick wall is sure to up the cozy and make any room feel warmer and more inviting.

Crown Molding

Crown molding instantly fancies up any wall, and is a great way to make any room feel a bit more upscale. You can opt for a more bohemian design, like the one pictured, for a more artsy vibe, or stick to the classic designs for a more French chic look. Crown molding accents can be painted over to either match or contrast with your walls, and, depending on the look you want, can be a great focal point all on their own. They’re a step up from faux brick panels in terms of DIY skill, but with a bit of patience, the right YouTube tutorial, and a bit of spare time, anyone can achieve a professional looking installation.

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