DIY Toy Storage – Getting Organized on A Budget

June 3, 2020

Anyone with kids knows that toys get everywhere. It’s always playtime, even when it isn’t, and the risk of stepping on a LEGO is ever present. Keeping toys organized and stored away at the end of the day can be a challenge, and more often than not you will inevitably find yourself picking up the last stragglers after the kids are tucked away and fast asleep. While this cycle will certainly repeat itself for as long as your kids play with toys, you can make it easier for you and your kids to get and stay organized. Your kids are much more likely to pick up after themselves if toy storage is made easy and accessible for them too, which is why we’ve put together a few DIY toy storage ideas and solutions that are great for both adults and kids. Browse through, get inspired, and get organized!

diy toy storage

Cubby Storage

Straight out of the kindergarten playbook, cubbies are the ultimate toy storage solution. Cubbies are sturdy, roomy, and (almost) intuitive for kids. You can DIY your own toy storage cubby from scratch using one of a multitude of online tutorials like this one, or you can upgrade a store-bought one to better suit your kids’ needs. Add containers for toys with many small pieces, such as puzzles or LEGOs, and stack larger toys on top. However you use them, cubbies are an easy to use, easy to customize, and efficient toy storage solution.

diy toy storage ideas
Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Wheeled crates

When the aftermath of playtime is toys scattered everywhere, rolling crates are the easiest way to tidy up. They are easily portable, sturdy, and move with you as you collect everything from action figures to stuffed animals. The best part? They are super easy to DIY, and can be made as fancy or as simple as you like. Check out this DIY version that doubles as a cushioned seat, or this one with a fun chalkboard finish for custom labeling and doodling.

toy storage solutions

Shoe Organizer

Hanging shoe organizers are perfect for smaller toys like Barbies and toy cars. They keep them off the floor when playtime is over, and neatly and safely tucked away. No more missing wheels or tangled plastic hair – every compartment keeps toys safe, clearly visible, and easily accessible for playtime. Shoe organizers are also great for those toy sets with a million little pieces, like K’nex or building blocks. Hang the shoe organizer on the back of the playroom door, on the wall, or in the closet, and keep toys neat and tidy.

toy storage ideas

Toy Chest

A throwback to the classics, toy chests are sturdy and roomy. Perfect for kids of any age, a good quality toy chest can last for years. If you’re a bit handy, you’ll be able to DIY your own in a matter of a few hours using one of the many great tutorials and plans available online. If woodworking is not quite your thing, you can personalize a ready-made toy chest as a fun afternoon project. Stencil initials, draw your child’s favorite animal, use chalk paint… the possibilities are endless!

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