Easy DIY Lampshade Makeover Ideas That Will Light Up Your Home

June 24, 2019

Simple DIY Lampshade Decorating Projects Ideas and Makeover

Lights have a unique ability to mesmerize us. Fourth of July fireworks, Disney light shows, and Christmas lights are viewed in awe by millions every year. Nothing travels faster than light, so it's logical for it to have such a direct impact on the senses. Lights are a major controlling factor of a room's mood. Bright lights create a sense of alertness like in schools and hospitals. Orange hues create a sense of romance. Strobe lights can incite fear. Fortunately, the power of light can be entirely manipulated in your space with the right kind of lampshades.

Decorative lampshades are budget-friendly room additions that are easily custom-made with one of these DIY ideas.

Silhouette Lampshades

Silhouette Lampshades are an inexpensive, kid-friendly project. All you need is a plain white or cream lampshade, preferably one that is not too thick and no plastic. Now take dark construction paper or fabric and draw shapes on them. The shapes should correspond with whatever theme the room is. Cut the shapes out and use double-sided fabric tape to secure the shapes on the inside of the shade. Make sure your design is fully attached to prevent any fire hazard. These are easy to create and change. Now when you turn your light on in the dark, your design will project around the room.

Victorian Lampshade

Faux Victorian styles are easy to imitate by taking a trip to the fabric department. Fabric is your first priority. Stay away from bold prints if you are adding fringe or beading along the lampshade edge. Damask and monochromatic designs work with fringe. Remember the darker the fabric, the less light. Use dimmer lighting in a romantic space and on the nightstand.

Beading can act as extra detail or can expand the impact of the light. Crystal beads or prisms can refract light, creating spectacular projections in the room.

Fabric Print Lampshade

Bold Fabric Prints work best if they are acting alone with a fairly basic lamp. Make it decorative, not flamboyant. You could accent another theme in the room with the lampshade. For instance, if you have a brown bedspread with a touch of green in it, consider a green lampshade. Lampshade frames can be found in major craft stores.

Appliqués Lampshades

Appliqués and Ribbon is another DIY decorative addition that can spruce up an old lampshade for less than $20. Browse the craft and fabric stores for patches, appliqués, and decorative ribbon for your lampshade. Hot glue ribbon around the edge and attach the appliqués with hot glue or double-sided fabric tape.

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