Simple DIY Garden Decorations Projects

August 21, 2019

The Best DIY Garden Decorations Projects

Many home and garden stores sell a variety of garden decorations, from lanterns to statues, pinwheels to painted flower pots. While these decorations are undeniably beautiful, they often come with a hefty price tag. Creating your own garden decorations is a far cheaper alternative, and are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your garden.

Rock Ladybugs
Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

Rock Ladybugs

While rock ladybugs may seem like a craft for kids, it is a great craft for adding extra detail to your garden. Rock ladybugs are adorable and very easy to make. To create rock ladybugs you will need:


- Flat, oval shaped rocks

- Red craft paint

- Black craft paint

- Google eyes

- Glue


1. Paint the entire rock red. It may take two coats of paint to cover the rock completely.

2. Paint the front 1/4 of the rock black. Paint a vertical black line extending from the front of the rock to the back. This will create the look of the ladybug's wings.

3. Paint black spots on the ladybug's back.

4. Glue the google eyes onto the front of the rock to create the ladybug's face.

Colored Jar
Source: Shelterness

Colored Jar Votive Holders

For garden enthusiasts who like to use candles to light their gardens at night, colored votive holders are a great way to do so. These are very simple to make and will protect your lit candles from the wind. For citronella candle holders, simply use a bigger canning jar than the one described below.


- Pint sized canning jars

- Craft paint

- Paint brush


Paint the glass canning jars using the craft paint. Only apply a thin coat of paint for a translucent finish.

Terra Cotta Tile

Painted Terra Cotta Tile Borders

Terra Cotta tiles are very inexpensive to buy at home and garden stores, and can be purchased in a variety of shapes and styles. These are great for creating a border to separate your flower beds from your lawn.


- Terra cotta tiles

- Craft paint

- Paintbrushes

- Acrylic sealer spray


1. Paint the terra cotta tiles using the acrylic craft paint. You may choose to paint them with a specific design, such as polka dots, or a simple solid color. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before proceeding.

2. Spray each tile with the acrylic sealer spray. This will keep the craft paint from chipping off of the tiles.

3. Dig a trench around your flower bed that is one inch deep and 1/2 inch wide. Stick the tiles in the trench. The tiles should all be placed closely together to create a border around your flower beds.

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