Simple DIY Candle Holder Ideas For Your Home

May 15, 2019

Beautiful Ideas to Decorate with DIY Candle Holders

Candles are an incredibly easy way to decorate any room. Whether you put a candle out on a table or on your bathroom sink, a candle never looks out of place anywhere. If you are getting a little bit bored with the conventional-looking candles in the clear glass containers, we have a few fun DIY projects that will add a little personality to your candle holders. From fun and funky to rustic and romantic, you will love the easy DIY projects we have in store for you.

Washi tape candles
Source: The Socialites Closet

Washi Tape Candles

Washi tape is a decorative tape (you can find it in craft stores) that comes in a wide variety of unique colors and designs. For this reason, it can be used for many crafting projects. Washi tape is incredibly useful and fun for a number of reasons. It is extremely fun to decorate with it. From the cover of your journal to your boring pen, colorful washi tape can give anything a fun makeover.

In this DIY project, you will be adding some pizzazz to your candles using washi tape. These candles make cute presents and party favors as well!

Materials: Washi tape, tea light candles, measuring tape - not necessary but useful to have and scissors.

Instructions: Measure out the circumference of the tea light, then cut that same length of tape. Carefully wrap the tape around the outside of the tea light holder until it is completely covered with the tape. If you accidentally get wrinkles in the tape, just lift it off and start over. If you have excess tape then you can fold it over the bottom of the tea light holder so that everything looks uniform and smooth.

Twig candle
Source: Make & Mess

Twig Candle Holder

Are you into rustic, natural-looking décor? If your answer is yes, then you may just love this next project which involves going into nature and collecting a handful of nice-looking twigs. Give your home a nice, rustic feel with our easy DIY twig candle holder tutorial.

Materials: A bunch of twigs that are more are less the same size, candle holder, candle, hot glue gun and glue stick.

Instructions: Lay the candle holder right side up on a flat surface. One at a time, glue a twig vertically to the candle holder. Go around and keep gluing twigs until the candle holder is covered. Place the candle in the candle holder.

Literary candle

Literary Candle Holder

Do you just absolutely love the written word? Do you happen to also be a huge fan of candles? Maybe you even enjoy a nice romantically-lit candle every now and then. Decorate a room in your home with this beautiful candle holder DIY tutorial.

This is also a perfect gift idea for book lovers who also happen to be candle lovers too!

Materials: A page of a book that you wouldn’t mind tearing out, scissors, a clean jar, battery-powered tea light, pencil and a measuring tape

Instructions: Measure around the jar as well as its height not including the rim. Use those measurements to cut the paper accordingly. With the text showing, bend the paper into a ring and push it into the jar, arranging it so that the page lines the walls of the jar. Turn the tea light on and place it inside the jar.

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