11 Best Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

May 21, 2020

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom and make it more contemporary? You’re in the right place.

You don't have to spend too much time or fortune to modernize your bathroom. Thanks to a few well-thought-out decorating tips and common sense ideas, you can modernize your bathroom in no time. Before altering your current bathroom decoration, it's great to imagine your bathroom in a few well-chosen furnishings and decor ideas to get the exact modern design for your satisfaction and glamour. Read on to learn how to modernize your bathroom and make it super cool.

Best Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

Modernize Bathroom

1. A very black shower column

Black shower columns are beautiful. You will completely fall in love with pretty Scandinavian bathrooms and their graphic details like the black shower columns and fittings.

This reinforces the modernity of the room and gives a lot of character to a beautiful white bathroom.

2. Rethink your worktop

You may make some changes to the bathroom in the hope of modernizing it. But the general atmosphere of the room will suffer if the worktop of your bathroom is old or damaged. You may need to change or revamp it.

Effect cement tiles, granite, gradient colors, imitation mosaics or opt for an adhesive vinyl coating that will stick and cover the shower in two stages.

3. You'll completely love concrete at first sight

Very trendy, concrete arrives in the bathroom for a very cozy look and ethnic chic atmosphere. You’ll love its smooth and raw appearance. Use it directly in the shower or more discreet touches for the worktop.

4. Review the color of the bathroom

Colors tell tales you can't tell yourself. A bad choice of color can plump the atmosphere and not give that chic modern look. Not to worry, we'll give you a good tip on colors.

If your bathroom is small, opt for light shades that will reflect light and give the illusion of space. If it’s big, you can try almost anything without going overboard. Those who live in homes with tiny house plans generally don’t have a lot of choices.

Whatever you choose a soft and gentle tone for a relaxing atmosphere or brighter colors to energize the decor, always be sure to choose a unique bathroom paint adjusted to the humidity of the room. Moreover, you can use wallpapers in some areas of the bathroom.

5. Paint your furniture in dark colors

To make a more modern decoration in your bathroom, paint your furniture in dark colors. Contrast with light-colored walls and you're done. You’ll simply transform the entire room.

6. Use baskets or a cart to organize things

This will be a much more elegant and simple decoration instead of keeping everything inside the drawers. Take advantage of these little details to organize everything and make it look fresh and current.

7. Bring in some plants to give life to the decor

Plants are great when it comes to modernizing the decor of your bathroom. Flowers and green plants brighten up the bathroom when placed on the floor in large pots, hung from windows, or perched on shelves.

Bathrooms rarely have an opening to the outside, so be sure to choose plants that don't need a lot of natural light. The focus, ferns, or sansevierias do wonderfully in dark and humid places. Be sure to place your plants or flowers in withdrawn areas like the corners.  

8. Make a simple shelf for your toilet paper

A shelf and hanger for your toilet paper will add a special definition. It is super simple and will give an additional modern touch to your bathroom. You can put flowers, soap, or even your cell phone on the shelf and place your tissue on the hanger.

9. Bring in the light

Lights are great accessories for your bathroom and should be selectively picked. You may go for dim lights to give your bathroom a classy look. Whether you choose dim or bright lights, make sure to match your accessories perfectly to complete the modern look.

Multiply the light sources and opt for suitable locations, especially around the mirror and on the ceiling. Always bet on spotlights, sconces or pendant lights diffusing a white light, and good-looking effect in the bathroom.

10. Accessorize the bathroom for a quick makeover

One of the quickest and most effective solutions for modernizing the bathroom is to have a few harmonious decorative accessories here and there. Fancy a soothing and natural atmosphere in your pond? Multiply wicker baskets, wooden pots, and raw materials. Is it an industrial decor that tempts you? Get metal vases, retro mirrors, or linens in dark tones.

Do not hesitate to showcase all your new accessories on wall shelves or in open niches. However, be careful not to overload the room and risk creating a feeling of disorder.

11. A touch of raw wood

Finally, for a touch of nature. Don't forget to bring a little wood in the bathroom. The worktop, doors of the furniture, and decorative accessories should be adorned with light and raw wood to give you a nice simple and pretty atmosphere in the bathroom.

For the color of your furniture, you can never go wrong with timeless white. You may also consider modern decorative shades, which create a nice cozy atmosphere like gray (light or dark). You can even take it grand with a nice combination of white and black just for a more classy and trendy look.

Wrap Up

A little extra to modernize your bathroom will eventually yield great results. There are several unique ways to decorate or paint the wall, and more and more customizable solutions are being reinvented. The significance of colors and furniture must not be underplayed. But the basin or polished concrete are radical ideas of the moment.

Modernizing your bathroom requires imagination to make your small private corner a luxury place. Take your time, consider the best ways to modernize your bathroom and transform your space into a paradise.

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