Best Balcony Gardens Ideas for Your Apartment

May 14, 2019

How to Get Your Green Balcony Garden Started Ideas and Tips

Trends come and go, but bringing nature and green vibes into your home is one of the healthiest and most ecological change you can adopt. Do you want to get started with a green balcony garden? Although you might have limited space, you can often turn it into a nice calming green oasis! Here are 5 ideas and tips to get you started with your own balcony garden!

Plants on floor

Tip 1: Think About Vertical Design

If you fill the floor of your balcony with pots and plants, it will be packed and messy. The solution: go vertical. For example, hang hanging planters on the wall or stained wooden crates where you can put your pots and plants. You can also add solar garden lamps and lights on the hanging containers.

Plants on a rack

Tip 2: Wooden Storage Rack

Your balcony doesn’t have a suitable wall for hanging pots and planters? Place a large wooden storage rack against the wall or a solid background and hang a few decorations on it. This is how you can create your own cheerful garden wall!

Plants colors

Tip 3: Play with the Colors

Place various plants in colorful pots in your balcony. By varying with pots on the floor, wall or over the balcony edge you can create different colors at different heights. Go for rail planters and hang your plants over the rail.

Stacking planters

Tip 4: Stacking Planters

The smartest way to add a lot of plants to your balcony is to get stacked planters and place them in bare spots or corners. This also works well as an eye-catcher, focal point in the middle of your balcony. Stack them on top of each other. Always keep enough space between the pots to make sure that every plant has enough space to grow.

Vegetable garden

Tip 5: Make Your own Vegetable Garden

Turn your vertical planters into an herb garden or even a vegetable garden. For example, you can plant tomatoes, mini zucchini or strawberries. You can also get a completely different effect with overhanging plants, such as cucumber!

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