Five Backyard Design Ideas You’ll Love

August 13, 2020

Your backyard – whether it be a small backyard or even a tiny patio – is your very own slice of nature. It’s where you get to soak in the sun and enjoy a bit of fresh air, entertain friends or enjoy the cool evening air in solitude. Despite being such a versatile and important part of our homes, backyards are often an afterthought when it comes to design. We’re here to change that, and to make sure you get the absolute most out of your backyard. Check out these five backyard design ideas that will help you enjoy your backyard to the fullest!

Think Vertical

For small backyards or backyards that have walls that are less than aesthetically pleasing, vertical gardens are the perfect solution. Vertical gardens allow you to fit a ton of greenery and flowers in an otherwise dead space, and are wonderfully efficient in terms of soil needs and water consumption. You can take your vertical garden in any direction you choose to create a unique design that’s all your own – herb garden, vegetable garden, decorative leafy plants, or even flowers.

If you’re low on wall space but still want to take advantage of your backyard’s vertical potential, consider using hanging planters instead. Not just for indoor use, hanging planters are a great way to add more greenery to a backyard with limited planting space.

backyard design ideas

Add Some Glow

Enjoy those summer nights to the fullest and boost your backyard’s cozy factor by installing string lights. String lights add a soft glow, create a relaxing atmosphere, and are a great way to illuminate your yard without feeling like you’re sitting under a spotlight. String lights also work to establish a separate zone in your backyard, creating a distinct outdoor “living room”.

For maximum cozy, install a minimalistic firepit to function as a warm and inviting focal point of your outdoor seating area. Firepits add warmth and a soft glow when in use, and will help you enjoy those cooler nights out in your backyard too.  

Stay Grounded

If you’ve got a small backyard with little room to plant, or if the majority of your backyard is paved over, fret not. You can still Get your greenery by using potted plants, raised flowerbeds, or even ladder planters.

If you feel like you’ve got the opposite problem, where your backyard is just a bit too natural, consider laying down a stone path. Stone paths are relatively easy to DIY, will make your backyard much more “user friendly”. Alternatives to stone paths include gravel walkways, concrete paths, or brick-pathways.

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Bask In The Shade

In the absence of large mature trees, your backyard can become a bit too sunny to enjoy during the day, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Keep your backyard cool and inviting at any time of day with a pergola. Installed over a deck or patio, a pergola can provide more than just shade – it’s a great place to hang planters, drape string lights, or even provide footing for climbing plants.

If you prefer more serious shade, opt for a gazebo instead. As opposed to pergolas, gazebos provide a fully closed roof that will provide you with shade in the summer and keep you dry in the winter.

Get Gardening

Feel like you should be getting more out of your backyard than an aesthetically pleasing design? Vegetable gardening has become the new thing to be doing with your outdoor space. It’s both pretty and productive – what’s not to love? To keep pests at bay, you can easily DIY a few raised garden beds in a weekend. If you’ve got a small backyard and are low on room, try creating a small container garden instead.

Do your research before planting to ensure that anything you try to grow has a fighting chance in your local climate, however. You can grow your garden crops either from seed or from seedlings, and with a bit of patience and TLC you’ll have a small harvest in no time!

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